Closing beard gaps

Our ingredients have been combined to support hair follicle stimulation that you have never experienced before.

Beard Hair Strengthening

Let's boost your hair metabolism and create the optimal basis for growth - for stronger hair and a healthier beard look.

Growth without greasing

No greasy film, No skin irritation. Joe's Finest is designed to support beard growth from the inside - without greasing.

Safe and strong

Exclusively tested quality for your beard Pure, high-quality active ingredients - beard growth in GMP quality (Good Manufacturing practice) Effective & safe.

No side effects
Money-Back Guarantee

We recommend taking 3 capsules of JOE'S FINEST in the morning on an empty stomach with enough water (at least 300m).

That's why we came up with this.

Quality makes you happy. And so are we. But what exactly makes the difference in contrast to other manufacturers?

The effects of growth sprays for external use are often delayed and skin irritations tend to disappoint customers.

At Joe's Finest, we rely on the power of growth from within Our active ingredient complex can stimulate beard growth from the inside, by effectively supplying the body with the necessary strengthening substances - Safe. Masculine.

Because growth begins from within.

The substances used in Joe's Finest have already proven themselves in hair growth.


These effects may occur:
Faster beard growth
Improving the complexion of gaps
Healthier beard look
Thicker starched beard hair

That’s in it

Success starts with its finest ingredients.

An excerpt of our active ingredient combination


Already often used to strengthen the hair. Beetroot also promotes the formation of mitochondria (our so-called cell power plants).


Vitamins & Minerals

We can forget about growth without them. They form the basis for healthy and dense beard growth and provide important nutrients.



Due to its metabolic properties and the growth of nails and hair, for which it is known. This makes it one of the main components in Joe's Finest.



In no case should it be missing as it is the main source of Sulphur. It makes the skin and the hair healthy & strong and improves the elasticity. It is also anti-inflammatory.



Supplies the body with natural Sulphur and thus signals the fight to dull hair. It can be improved.


Grapeseed extract

Regenerate and become full & shiny again. Also part of the mix, because it improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen.

Note: Growth takes time.

Our hair follicles always take a little longer to react to changes. This is related to their slower metabolism and is completely normal. Please give your beard at least 6-8 weeks to get into "the course".

Let’s get to the point

That's how elegant it is for our customers.

Note: Would you also like to become part of our "Wall of Beard"? I'd be happy to! Just send us your personal Joe's Finest before and after picture and rate us in 2-3 sentences. Send us the photos to

Important: With the submission of your pictures you confirm that the photos are yours (Please specify the order number of your last Joe's Finest order). The pictures must be taken from the same perspective and your beard must not be too long so that one can see the difference. Please let us know if you want to be recognized or not.

High Quality Guaranteed.

Our raw materials and manufacturing processes are consistently high quality. Only high-quality, pure active ingredients are used in our product formula. Effective and safe.

GMP-qualified manufacturing process.

Why? Because the only way growth works is if it is sustainable.

Beard-friendly keeping. Without compromise.

Beard-friendly keeping with our guide

With our Joe's Finest Concept manual, you get everything you need to really heat up your beard breeding. Valuable pages full of tips wrapped in high-quality soft-touch cover that caresses your hands.

Information on sun bathing, helpful workout and food tips as well as, on the topic of blood circulation. Oils & visual tricks - with the Joe's Finest Concept guide, you really have everything at hand to support your beard breeding.

Full speed ahead!