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This is what you can expect:
Faster beard growth
Healthier beard look
Improved looks with fewer patches
Thicker, stronger beard hair

Here’s what’s inside
Joe’s finest beard growth pills

Success starts with the finest ingredients.

An excerpt of our combination of ingredients


Zinc deficiency could be the reason for increased hair loss or lack of growth. Helps nurture the skin and supports shininess.


Vitamins & Minerals

Without them, we can forget growth. They are the basis for healthy & thick beard growth and provide us with important nutrients.



Included due to its metabolism-increasing qualities, as well as the energy burst for nail and hair growth that it’s known for. One of the main components of Joe’s Finest.


We can’t do without this main source of sulfur. It makes skin and hair healthier and stronger and increases their tone. And it’s anti-inflammatory, too.


Supplies the body with natural sulfur, fighting dull hair. It can also regenerate better and become full and shiny once more.

Vitamin C

Has a stimulating effect on collagen production of the skin and can positively influence beard growth. Helps iron get to the hair roots.


Note: You want to become part of our “Wall of Beard”? Sure! Send us your personal Joe’s Finest before and after picture, and rate us with 2 – 3 sentences. Send your pictures to

Important: By sending your picture, you assure us that they depict yourself (Please include the order number of your last Joe’s Finest order). The pictures must be taken from the same perspective and your beard should not be too long, so the difference can be seen properly. Please also tell us, whether you want to be recognized or not.

Pay quickly & safely. Including via:

High Quality. Guaranteed.

Our ingredients and production methods are all of the highest possible quality. Nothing but premium, pure ingredients are used in our product formula. Effective and safe.

GMP-qualified production process.

Why? Because growth needs to be sustainable to be convincing.
Note: Growth needs some time.

Our hair follicles always need a bit longer to react to changes. This is due to their slower metabolism and is completely normal. Please give your beard at least 6 – 8 weeks time to “get going”.

Close beard gaps

Our nutrients were combined for the support of hair follicles which haven’t shown themselves yet.

Strengthen beard hair

Let us jump-start your hair metabolism and create the optimal base for growth – for stronger hair and a healthier beard look.

Growth without lubrication

No oil film. No skin irritations. Joe’s finest was developed for beard growth from the inside – without having to slather your face with cream.

Safe & Naturally strong

Exclusively proven quality for your beard: pure, high-quality ingredients – beard growth with GMP quality (Good Manufacturing Practice). Effective & safe.

Money back
Recommended intake of beard growth pills:

We recommend taking 3 pills of JOE’S FINEST every morning on an empty stomach with sufficient fluids (at least 300ml / 10 fl oz).

Unsere Kapseln sind im Gegensatz zu Tabletten weich und leicht zu schlucken. Für diejenigen unter euch, die Kapseln generell nicht gut schlucken können: Ihr könnt sie öffnen und mit einem Glas Flüssigkeit runterspülen.

Die Kapseln sind leicht zu schlucken, können aber auch ganz einfach geöffnet werden, damit du den Inhalt mit Flüssigkeit zu dir nehmen kannst.

All abeard.
No man left behind.

All abeard with our guidebook

With our Joe’s Finest concept guidebook, you get everything you need to really get your beard growing. Pages full of valuable tips, encased in a premium soft touch cover that caresses your hands.

Information on sunbathing, helpful workout, and food tips as well as tips on blood circulation, oils and optical tricks – with the Joe’s Finest concept guidebook, you have everything you need to help your beard grow.

Full steam ahead!

Blood Circulation Aid

The all-round option: care & improved blood circulation as a good base

With our oil, you treat your facial skin to some excellent care, and your beard to a bit of shine.

Our brush improves the blood circulation of your facial skin with its high-quality, natural bristles.

A multi-track combination – and also very pleasant. :)