What’s so special about JOE’S FINEST?

Effective. Safe. Masculine. That’s not just a tagline. It’s our philosophy which we pride ourselves with. Our ingredients are all of high quality and our production is GMP certified, no exceptions. This is the only way that we can stand behind what we do, which is make beards grow. We bank on healthy, natural growth from within, which can help you sustainably. Because we’d be pretty sad if you were unhappy and our ways parted again straightaway.

How does JOE’S FINEST work?

Our beard vitamin formula is a natural, non-hormonal composition of safe and high-quality ingredients. The combination of ingredients helps with faster and thicker beard growth through minerals and vitamins.

It can stimulate hair follicles and thereby lead to more beard growth. Wherever hair follicles are not yet using their full potential, JOE’S FINEST can stimulate and increase growth. Your beard can start looking healthier and set you apart from other bearded men if you start taking it.

IMPORTANT: JOE’S FINEST isn’t a magic pill, as much as we would love to be able to say that. It takes time. Hair growth doesn’t happen overnight. After 6 – 8 weeks, you may be able to see the first signs of change. But every body is different. So be patient.

When will the first effects be visible?

That’s a hard question to answer generally. Every body is different. One reacts more quickly, the other takes longer. After 6 – 8 weeks, the first signs of improvement may be seen. You should give your beard at least that long, as hair follicles generally take a bit longer, which is down to their metabolism.

How long should I take it? What if I stop?

You should at least give your beard 6 – 8 weeks time with the pills, to react to nutrients and adjust to the new situation. Some take longer, some are quicker. Our ingredients don’t work for everyone, either. We’re all different, after all. You won’t lose your newly acquired beard hair the moment you stop taking JOE’S FINEST. But it’s also clear that you will no longer benefit from faster beard growth and the effect of healthier and thicker looking beard hair after stopping.

Does JOE’S FINEST help with a patchy beard?

If the problem is with hair follicles that have not yet come out, then our ingredients can help stimulating growth in these areas. Should the follicles in the areas be damaged or be missing entirely, improved beard growth in the surrounding area may help improve the overall picture.

Can I shave while I take JOE’S FINEST?

You can do it as you like. Because JOE’S FINEST works from within, shaving doesn’t really affect it.


JOE’S FINEST is a safe dietary supplement. The ingredients are high-quality, and the production process is GMP certified. It is professionally made, packaged, and sent.

Does JOE’S FINEST have side effects?

So far, none of our customers have informed us of any side effects. The ingredients are safe and tested for quality. However, if you have any pre-existing allergies, you should look at the list of ingredients closely, just to be on the safe side. Generally – even with natural ingredients – allergic reactions can never be ruled out.

Will the rest of my hair be impacted, too?

The composition of our ingredients can also have a positive effect on the growth and health of the hair on your head. For example, it can lead to faster growth. However, follicles activating that were previously inactive is usually reserved for facial hair.

Who is JOE’S FINEST suitable for?

JOE’S FINEST is suitable for every man who wants to have a fuller and thicker beard.

How should I take JOE’S FINEST?

We recommend taking 3 pills a day with enough fluids. If possible, make sure to always take JOE’S FINEST at the same time. Then your body can utilize it better and consistent supply with the necessary ingredients is ensured.

Swallowing pills is a problem?

For those of you who cannot or do not like to swallow capsules or tablets – open the capsule and pour the powder straight into your mouth and wash it down with enough liquid. Alternatively, you can pour the capsule’s contents into a glass and mix it with juice or water. Our tip: try swallowing it normally, first, as with the other methods, some residual powder can stay in the glass and you may need to wait longer for your desired results because vital nutrients are lost.

How can I pay?

You have many comfortable payment options with us. You can choose between:

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Delivery to EU countries (European union):
9,90 €
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Delivery to Non EU countries:
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