Hello, we are Joe's Finest!

You are dissatisfied with your beard? We are here to help! The idea for Joe's Finest was born in 2017 and brought to life by us, Saskia and Sebastian. Believe us, Sebastian knows how it feels when looking in the mirror is a total bummer.

To date, we have been able to help many men feel comfortable with their look again. We are happy to help you too, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

We thank you for your trust and are always happy to read satisfied Joe's Finest customers' experiences.

Our Mission

Inspired by our vision and driven by our passion, we are committed to helping unfortunate beard wearers grow their beards. Disappointed ourselves with the offerings at the time, we wanted to take a different approach: Support from the inside instead of the outside. Thus began the journey to becoming your own beard growth helper - With carefully selected ingredients delivered right to your doorstep.

Our values guide our actions in everything we do

High quality ingredients - Full speed ahead!

Joe's Finest is packed with trace minerals, vitamins and nutrients that complement each other and support the foundation of healthy beard growth from the inside. Each batch is inspected for quality and safety after production. In the process, we work with trusted partners from Germany.

Decisions that make our customers proud

Since day one, we have wanted to make decisions that make our customers proud. We work together with our partners in a trustworthy manner and attach great importance to GMP and FDA certified production.

For best results, we work hand in hand every day and incorporate feedback regularly. Of course, the fun at work must not be neglected.

A good atmosphere among all participants must not be missing.
Among other things, we are helped by Misho, a deaf cat from Bulgaria, who always makes our team laugh and keeps the spirits high. :)

Don't grow your beard alone - we are the crew for you!

We are here for you. Whether it's your first beard you want to grow or you want to give your current beard a little boost - we're approachable. Feel free to contact us anytime. Transparency and customer service are very important to us.

Openness & Transparency

Whether you have questions about the product or suggestions for improvement - we are grateful for any kind of feedback. Our 60-day money-back guarantee is just as important a pillar as always listening to our customers. We want to be transparent about what we do and why we do it. You'll never hear us say that Joe's Finest will give you thick beard no matter what. That would be super unserious and also not the truth. Every body is different and in case it doesn't work, we have our money back guarantee. No discussions and no before and after documentation. When we get a vote of confidence from our clients, we return the confidence in the same way.

We are happy for anyone we can help with their beard growing project!

On that note, always follow the sea air and full speed ahead!

Your Joe's Finest Team